Blood pressure control with selective nerve stimulation.

PressureStim therapy

Hypertension is a large burden to patient health and health care costs. Despite various options, > 30% of patients do not respond sufficiently to medical treatment. Mechanoreceptors in the aortic arch relay blood pressure (BP) levels through vagal nerve (VN) fibers to the brainstem and trigger the baroreflex, lowering the BP. Selective electrical stimulation of these nerve fibers reduced BP in rats. PressureStim is designed to localize and stimulate these fibers inside the VN without inadvertent stimulation of non-baroreceptive fibers causing side effects like bradycardia and bradypnea. PressureStim is unique in also controlling release of specific proteins known to lower blood pressures including tropoelastin known to increase elasticity in the aorta and other peripheral blood vessels.

Blood pressure control

PressureStim seeks to develop a novel method for selective nerve stimulation to reduce high blood pressure (hypertension) without triggering bradycardia or bradypnea.

In its ideal optimized configuration, PressureStim is designed to modulate baroreceptor compound activity. This activity is localized using multiple non-invasive bioelectric sensors, with information sent to a microprocessor that then delivers a customized bioelectric signaling sequence via quad polar stimulation near the barofibers.

PressureStim therapy ideally may be applied with just simple wrist and ankle stimulation bands with low penetration electro acupuncture micro needle patch technology which can barely be felt. For more serious cases ear lobe, back and neck electrodes may be added to increase efficacy as well as electro acupuncture needles at select acupuncture points around the body.

Pressurestim Optional Ear Lobe  Nerve Electrodes


Pressurestim Ankle electrodes